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My earthly existence begun in a village in Kerala, a southern state of India. Grew up in different partsHieroja Anural Olnedian I love me -messuilla 2016Hieroja Anural Olnedian I love me -messuilla 2016 of India acquiring education & skills and graduated with a degree in the field of IT from Chennai, India. Amidst the ever evolving, fast paced world, with a growing demand for information & communication management, I established a career as an IT professional. A turn in career brought me to Finland in 2010, working as a consultant for Nokia.


Miles apart in a new land, the initial excitement of being in the western world was followed by years of exploration of land, culture, food etc. Finland had lot to offer to learn, the primary one was about the need to have a slower paced, balanced personal life. But it also had its own downside like the extreme weather, long deprivation of daylight. Years of adaptation and it was already home away from home, naturally extending social circles with people from a wide variety of cultures.


Terry Thomas was a good friend from the initial years of adaptation to Finland. Closer encounters and longer interactions with him and his profession helped to gain more understanding of the age old traditions of Ayurveda & Yoga and its emphasis on healthy lifestyle. Thus motivating to adapt food as a medicine, by restoring to a healthy food culture, something that was always followed by parents and ancestors back home before the advent of “modern” lifestyle.


Even after years of acquaintance with Terry, it was very recently in early 2016 I got a keen interest in the Ayurveda therapies and its continuous effect on well-being. Under the tutelage and guidance of Terry, learnt the Ayurvedic Indian head massage. After the initial training and some experience in providing therapeutic massage, had an intrinsic motivation to impart this energetic therapy further to others.


Currently, I am working as a IT Business Analyst with Sales & Marketing unit of Silicon Laboratories, a US based company with a branch in Finland.

But this is an inevitable responsibility for which I was chosen to help people to relax, to rejuvenate and to revitalize. So I decided to dedicate few hours per week at Saraswati.